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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure that I am using the latest version?

 SNFConnect will automatically prompt you to update, ensuring your software is always current.


What devices does SNFConnect work on?

 SNFConnect is available on smartphones & iPad. It is compatible with both iOS and Android operating platforms.


Can I use the SNFConnect application in “offline” mode?

No. In accordance with industry security and compliance regulations, the app does not store any information on your device, and the app will not function without an internet connection.


How do I know my data is secure?

SNFConnect adheres to HIPAA/ HITECH security compliance standards. The application support team provides unique login credentials to all new users, allowing only authorized authenticated users to access data within the app. These credentials should never be shared. No data is stored on your device, and the app uses SSL to encrypt data before transmitting it.


Who should I contact for technical support?

You may contact us directly via email at or contact Technical Support (203) 243-4973.


I forgot my password. How to reset the password?

To reset a forgotten password, please email to


What are notifications and how do find it in SNFConnect?

Notification bell icon display the count of the requests assigned for the login user.


Select Home screen Click on the bell icon for notifications present at the top right corner.


How do see the completed request in SNFConnect?

You can tab on the Archive option in home screen and you will see the Completed request.


How to add a new patient in SNFConnect? 

To add a new patient, select the plus (+) icon in the top right corner of the patient screen.


I added an existing patient as new/added the same patient multiple times because I could not find the patient when I searched for them. How do I avoid this?

When adding a new patient, always verify that the date of birth (DOB) is correct. To avoid adding the same patient multiple times, try searching by DOB instead of the patient name.


How to add a new request?

Home Screen: click on plus (+) icon. This will open the patient list. Select an existing patient or after adding a new patient, input the request in the details screen.


How do make the video call to provider in SNFConnect App?

Click: Video Room on the home screen. Then select the respective provider found in the Video Room to Initiate the Video Call.


What are all the search option available to find the patient in SNFConnect? 

Users can search the patients by First nameLast name or DOB(MMDDYYYY) in the search field.


I have a question that is not listed here. How do I get clarification?

Feel free to call customer support at (203) 243-4973 or email us at