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Enterprise-level communication system for long-term post-acute care

Truly Connect Providers to Nursing Staff

Improve patient care quality with:



An On-Call

Phone System


Reporting Capabilities


Compliance and Visibility


On-Call Phone System for After Hours Services

A centralized, cloud-based phone system that connects facilities with every provider through a single number. 

Automated call forwarding ensures your patients reach the right care providers after hours with minimum effort.

Enhanced Privacy and Accessibility  

Your cellphone number shouldn’t be the main communication channel between you and your patients.  

Separation of work and personal communication allows you to focus on patient care at work and still choose the lifestyle you want outside of your professional life. 


Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Communication   

Communication solutions built for the long-term post-acute industry 

SNFConnect ensures HIPAA compliance across communication channels. Whether it is video calling, messaging, or leaving voice mail, we got it covered so that you can concentrate on patient care.

What SNFConnect Can Do  

Centralized phone system with one single phone number.

First-in, first-out calls queuing and automatic forwarding for after-hours service.

Fully accessible call logs and system intelligence for greater visibility and workflow optimization.

SNFConnect for Providers

Complete Communication and System Intelligence in the Palm of Your Hand

Post-acute care services require a reliable communication platform to communicate with multiple parties at once and provide immediate care and attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SNFConnect makes sure your patients receive timely care even during after after-hours while bringing back complete control of your personal life.

Improve patient care and practice operation with actionable system intelligence and complete history log.

SNFConnect for Facilities

Instant and Secure Communication with a Provider Group.

Better yet, it’s free for facilities.

Simplify your process and avoid unnecessary hospitalization with a central communication system.

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