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Electronic Health Record

PacEHR™ Electronic Health Record

The first EHR system created by and for long-term post-acute (LTPAC) professionals

Transform your LTPAC practice with complete visibility of patients’ data right at your fingertip.   The long-term post-acute care workflow is unique and it deserves a unique EHR system catered to its specific needs and workflow.

Care providers need an agile electronic health record (EHR) system that brings full visibility of patients’ information, eliminates strenuous manual data input and reinforces cash flow.

Say goodbye to the generic EHR systems that increase your data entry burden without any real value.

Say hello to PacEHR™ electronic health record, the latest addition to the SNFist™ Suite of products and services, powered by Saisystems Digital.

Time saver and efficiency booster

Save time documenting your encounter with efficiency-boosting features: voice-to-text, customized macros and auto-population based on past encounter data.  

Maximize operation efficiency with seamless navigation between encounters and between different patient’s records within the system.

Document your encounter and be ready for the next visit in under 3 minutes. 

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Ease of adoption and use

You don’t need technology expertise to start using PacEHR™ electronic health record.

PacEHR™ electronic health record features an easy-to-navigate workflow with Point of Service Awareness coding suggestions, assisted demographic entry and Encounter Templates to easily initiate an encounter.

24/7 support throughout your implementation process and customized training so that you can utilize PacEHR™ electronic health record to the max of its potentials 


03 09 2021 PacEHR Overview v4

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Empower your practice with complete, transparent and measurable data

PacEHR™ electronic health record adds values, not manual labor.

Gain visibility into your entire patient data for more meaningful exchange of patient data throughout the care continuum.

Billing and coding suggestions and assistance specific to LTPAC to improve coding accuracy and reinforce your income.  Built-in MIPS/CCM reporting and documentation improves data capture and data quality.

Encounter and note-signing with filter for unsigned encounters reduces lag time and optimize your cash-flow management.

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