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Suite of Solutions for Post-Acute Long-Term Care Providers

Providing Support While You Provide Care

TheSNFist™ Suite benefits Providers and the Facilities where they provide care and includes PacEHR™ electronic health record, the first EHR designed for post-acute long-term care professionals.

PacEHR EHR screenshots


Health Records

PacEHR™ electronic health record introduces multiple capabilities designed to reduce documentation time, such as sorting patient census by facility, easy navigation between patients without going back to the main window, and integrated billing for the patient encounter.

Revenue Cycle


Full Service Medical Billing and collections for much less than you think. Mix of US and Offshore available.

  • Eliminate Payment Interruptions
  • Reinforce Your Revenue with Data and Insights
RCM Process Wheel
PacEHR testimonial 5 Stars Brittani B
PacEHR Testimonial 5 stars Francesca C

TheSNFist™ Suite of Solutions was built for post-acute long-term care providers that operate in skilled nursing facilities.

The practitioner and the needs of their practice are at the core of each product and service we create.

Discover for yourself the power of TheSNFist™ Suite.

Business Intelligence for Practices
Point of Care Charge Capture

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